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Beauty Has Different

Makeup is cool but skincare is cool from within.
We does not serve followers.

We are loyal to the rule of never play by the rules.
Ujelly is a brand born with audacity for experiments,
passion for the pursuit of beauty, and interest in surprises.
Imperfection can be fun along the journey. Skincare

rituals are in our definition moments to face our true
selves, and processes to improve, better and wow ourselves.

Does beauty have a specific look? Says who?
Maybe you’ve never realized that you have more fun,
audacity and possibilities than you know.


This Is Ujelly

We’re a social skincare brand focusing on the new generation.
Fun-driven, cross-over trends, styled designs and all innovative
topics and products surrounding the life of the young are
motivating us forward.

We look forward to building a platform for conversations with
you that create beauty inspirations and explore more profound
and rich skincare experiences.




Skincare Above
All Else
Better Nutrition For
Better Complexion

Edible skincare is trending, so it is important to feed your skin
right. We have selected skin-friendly natural vegetable and fruit
extracts to create an edible skincare collection. Combined with
the hottest beauty and fashion trends, the natural colorful food
extracts create the no-makeup makeup effect. Let the trendy
and highly-effective skincare with skin-perfecting benefits bring
out your best glow!